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The Ohio State University's WWW Weather Server This is the Ohio State University's WWW Weather Server.  I use this site for check current radar and weather satellite data when planning a night of observing. GO BUCKS!
Columbus Clear Sky Clock Another important site I use when planning a night of observing.
Columbus Astronomical Society This is the site of the local astronomy group here in Columbus.  These guys and gals are great, many very knowledgeable members who love nothing more then to help out those who want to learn more about armature astronomy.  I strongly suggested if you are in the Central Ohio area, and are just getting started or serious about  armature astronomy, join this group.  They have many benefits that are not available else where for Ohio observing.  They hold many of their monthly meetings at the Perkins Observatory which is part of Ohio Wesleyan University.  The observatory is about a 30 to 40 minute drive north of down town Columbus, on State Rt 23. 
Perkins Observatory This is the website of Perkins Observatory, a proud part of Ohio Wesleyan University.  You can become a member or a donor to their endowment fund to help support their great programs.  They have a very good program for the public that's both educational and fun.  If you are close to the area, you stop by, check it out and become a member of this great facility.
Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews This is a great site and joining is free!.  Members can post questions and get answers from other users of the site.  There are both general and specific topic forms.  The form has many expert level users that know their stuff and love to answer questions to help out others. 
ASCOM Drivers This is a link to  They provide hardware drives for many popular CCD imagers to interface with other popular CCD imaging software.
Santa Barbra Instrument Group SBIG manufactures some of the best CCD imagers available to the amateur astrophotography.
Celestron Celestron manufactures telescopes and accessories to fit the needs of the basic observer to the advanced astrophotography.